How it all began, a long time ago...

Hello there,
My name is Evan and I would like to talk to you about our olive oil and why it is so good for you. My love for olive oil started many years ago when I was growing up in Greece. My grandpa lived all his life in a small village in Greece, harvesting olives and producing the most amazing raw olive oil.

He used to tell me ‘A sip of olive oil a day keeps your heart healthy and helps you live a long healthy life’. He was right, he lived to 100 years old and had an amazing life, with 5 kids and loads of grandchildren.

I decided to take a different path, I came to London to become a designer, I worked for 20 years in advertising and marketing industries and forgot all about the olive oil and my grandpa’s olive grove. Until one day, he told me that I will inherent it. I went to see it and memories start coming back, picking up the olives in November, cold-press them in the middle of the night and the amazing taste of the fresh olive oil. I remembered how much I loved these trees and the big part they played in my family’s life.

I brought some of the olive oil back to London; it was golden, fresh and had a great grassy and citrus aroma. It was so pure and raw you can actually taste the fruit. I compared it to the one I used to buy from the supermarket and it tasted old and tasteless.

So I thought how could we get people to try raw cold-pressed olive oil? How can we educate them about the health benefits and it's secret to a long healthy life?

At that moment Honestly Good was created.

I hope you enjoy our olive oil


Evan x

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Our Farmers’ collective

The reality was that my olive grove was enough to supply our family and friends but not big enough. So I started talking to the local farmers about the idea of working together, they all got excited. They had years of selling their amazing olive oil in bulk at low prices; for it to be stored, in many cases for years, and adulterated with inferior oils before it ends to our kitchens.

So we got them all together, united them in our collective, and set out principles to produce raw cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil for you and sustainable livelihoods for the farmers.

For the olive oil farmers it provides aspiration to grow even higher quality olive oil, in the knowledge that their olive oil will be used to make bottled and branded Greek olive oil that reaches international markets. For you, it produces a raw olive oil with ethics.

So we set the, not so easy mission, to redefine the olive oil industry standards through honesty, quality and respect.