About us

We are a London based company promoting healthy living and unleashing the secrets to a healthy heart through healthy food and active lifestyle.

Our mission is to create an honest and ethical brand that brings the goodness of raw cold-pressed olive oil to the healthy food and wellness community.

We are advocates of single origin products, our olive oil is from one variety, one year and one harvest olives. We can actually pin point the place our olives are produced, providence is very important to us.

From our Tree-to-Bottle to your Kitchen

We have set up from the outset to produce amazing raw cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for you and provide sustainable livelihoods for our farmers.

We proudly support the Slow Food movement and adhere to their concept of food that is defined by three interconnected principles: good, clean and fair.

  • Good: quality, flavoursome and healthy food
  • Clean: production that does not harm the environment
  • Fair: accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers




Honestly Good Ltd. Registered address: Honestly Good, c/o Wilshers & Co, 10-11 Heathfield Terrace, London, Chiswick, W4 4JE, UK

Registered in England and Wales Number: 08733787

VAT Registration Number: GB235093713

® Honestly Good Natural Products is a registered trademark in the UK