Producers of raw, organic cold pressed olive oils. Single origin, from tree-to-bottle

 Our Raw Cold-Pressed Olive Oils are 100% natural, delicious fresh juice from our olive groves in Greece. It’s packed with nutrients, vitamins, omega 3 and 6, antioxidants and healthy fats to keep you healthy.

Our  mission is to produce an amazing olive oil for you and sustainable livelihoods for our farmers.

'A sip of olive oil a day keeps your heart healthy'

This is what my grandpa used to tell me and trust me he was right!

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 If you are the person who cares about what goes in your body and likes to eat clean, you have to try our Single Origin, Raw Cold-Pressed olive oils.


Why are we different?

FAQ: Everything you want to know about olive oils

Why raw olive oil in important to my diet?

Olives are a fruit and just like any other fruit, their juice has to be fresh, cold-pressed and raw for it to be nutritious and good for you.

Why do I need a sip of olive oil daily in my diet?

Olive oil is the the healthiest fat on Earth! It contains monounsaturated fats (most of it the 18 carbon long oleic acid), antioxidants, polyphenols, omega-6, omega-3, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Why single origin?

We hope that one day all olive oil companies they will endeavour to only source and bottle olive oil from one estate, one variety and the latest harvest. Like a good wine, really! The quality of the olive oil is compromised when it’s unadulterated with different olive oils (and sometimes other oils).

What is Cold-Pressed, why is important?

Cold pressed means that the olive oil has been pressed mechanically from the olives without chemicals or heat. Therefore all the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants (and the taste!) are ‘as nature intended’ when it arrives bottled to you.

Are your olive oils organic?

The Little olive oil and the Raw+Organic olive oil are certified organic.

Why you have farmer’s tasting notes at the back of the bottle?

We wanted the farmer to tell you about the product they are so proud. The taste of the olive oils depends of the weather, the year and geographical location of the grove, sometimes the side of the mountain the tree is located or even the fauna in the area. Some of our olive oils have hints of roses and citrus.

Why low acidity is important?

The lower the acidity the smoother the taste and easier to digest. It also makes it perfect for ‘alkaline diets’, see the Honestly Healthy Food website to find out more. Our olive oil has 60% lower acidity than the legal limit so our olive oil is so smooth you can drink it neat. (try it, it’s amazing!)

How long can I keep Honestly Good olive oils in my cupboard?

Olive oil doesn’t mature or improve with age like the wine. In fact the average shelf life for olive oil is only 18 months before most of the nutritional benefits are lost.

Where can I buy Honestly Good olive oils?

You can order it from our shop and a growing list of shops.